Soldering issue

This was my first time using a soldering iron and I have accidentally soldered the RX and TX slots together.I believe this to be the reason the Bluetooth module is unable to communicate with my board and need help correcting my blunder

If you haven't got solder braid or a solder sucker, get some fine multi-strand copper wire and strip back a centimetre or so, and try to wick up the excess

And apply liquid flux to the solder.

Soldering flux helps in the removal process.

Heat the solder connection, when melted lightly tap the board onto a disposable surface.

If you have desoldering braid, it works too.

Wear eye protection and gloves.

Don’t do this again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Clean the soldering iron tip thoroughly on a wet sponge or rag whilst it is hot.

Hold the tip of the iron on the solder blob until it melts but no longer than 3 seconds then draw the tip between the 2 pins and some solder will come with it.

Repeat the cleaning and desoldering until the 2 pads are separate.

DO NOT RUSH as it is important not to overheat the board

Thank you everyone. Desoldering is much easier than I expected it to be and it only took me a few seconds to correct my mistake.

Something to watch:

In general more flux and less solder is a good guide-line. Convex blobs of solder like that are a sign of way too much solder.