Soldering with Arduino uno

i was wondering if i can solder the Arduino uno board i've have from the Arduino starter kit as I’m using it to prototype with multiple sensors and ill have to permanently connect them at some point.
Do i have to get a different Arduino? or can the same board be used, if anyone has any links to tutorials about that? thank-you!

If you want to build a custom circuit for the arduino to connect to you can purchase a prototype shield or take some proto board and build your circuit onto the proto board. On the proto shield there are pin holes to mount pin headers and then can mount the proto board to your arduino.

Much safer and then you can easily change proto boards for different projects. If the circuit is somewhat larger. you can create a larger proto board and use a ribbon cable to connect the header pins from your proto board to your Arduino.

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That can't be a good idea. Either use a proto shield on the Uno, or use Nano or Pro Mini instead. Both of the latter come without headers and thus are more suitable for soldering..

The Uno with socket is a development board with an ATmega328P chip that can work with a whole line Atmega48/88/168/328 to custom fit an end-product. The goal is to pry the chip out and put it in a socket on proto-board or a PCB of your own. This is a goal set by Arduino on the main site you can reach by clicking ARDUINO.CC in the upper left corner of your forum window.

But AVR chips are so self-contained, the possibilities include no board at all.

On the main site see the DOCUMENTATION drop-down menu. Bookmark everything that looks like you'll need it someday,
This is the Hacking homepage with much you want now.

Hey ALL! Arduino has done some re-arranging. Foundations is now in Arduino DOCS.

This may be one of your main look-up resources, Arduino Foundations -- updated.

Be sure to check out The Playground. There is a whole manual in the main site pages, it is not thin.

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