Hello guys, What does SP+ and SP- mean on the output of the voice recording module ISD1820? I want to plot my sound waveform from the voice recording module ISD1820. I want to know if my methods of plotting the sound waveform is correct or not. So what I did was connect SP+ to A0 and SP- to A1. and my coding is as follows.

const int soundsensorA0 = A0, soundsensorA1=A1;
float sensorValueA0 = 0, sensorValueA1 = 0;
void setup()
pinMode (soundsensorA0, INPUT);
pinMode (soundsensorA1, INPUT);
Serial.begin(9600); //initiate serial communication at 9600bit/s
void loop()

sensorValueA0 = analogRead(soundsensorA0);
sensorValueA1 = analogRead(soundsensorA1);

Data sheet for my voice recording module

Its not hard to figure out - look at the schematic on this page and see what's connected to SP+/- pins:

I'd suggest

  int signal = analogRead(soundsensorA0) - analogRead(soundsensorA1);