Sparkfun ADXL335

New to arduino for class project

Any help on how to connect sparkfun adxl335 accelerometer to lilypad arduino

trying to use accellerometer to light up LEDs like a speedometer

any help greatly appreciated!

Did you try the link called "wiring example"?

Which "lilypad arduino"?

Guess it doesn't matter, looks like all have 3 analog ports available.
You may have to find a 3.3V voltage supply source for the accelerometer if the Lilypad is powered at 5V.

I was thinking of running the lilypad board:

to a lilypad twinkle

and then have the accelerometer control the LEDs off of the twinkle (ie 1 light 10mph, 2-20mph... up to 5 LEDs)

having a little bit of a struggle because the board has +, -, analog 2-5, digital 5-11

Connect Accel. to the first board per the Wiring example on the Accel page.

3 analog outputs to 3 analog inputs, Gnd to Gnd, and Power from a 3.3V source. It looks like the board is running at 8 MHz, so you can probably power the accel from the Arduino power.

Use one of the VCC pins - check it with a meter first to make sure.