start of from scratch of ardoino gsm trail camera project


i never used an arduino before, but i have c langauage basic.

i would like to start from scratch of ardoino gsm trail camera project. i know it might be a big far reach, but i would like to try anyway.

i would like advice on which are the parts that i need to purchase in order for the arduino project to work.. so that i won't be out of part or realize i don't have this or that part when i get deep involved.

pls advice on more affordable price instead of the best item yet i will never use the function of it..

thank you. andrew


your positive help is appreciated.

ps. if there is alternative parts that can be linked up with arduino yet cheaper than arduino itself, i would consider to use it.. as this project can sum up to quite a bit with here a small cost and there a small cost all summed up.

thanks andrew

What do you mean by "gsm trail camera"? Something that transmits pictures over mobile phone network? Or just notifications that the camera has been trigerred?

Here is one project. A search engine is your friend, look around a bit and see what others have done