Sticker for Arduino Uno R3 Dupont Connector



Which color do you want? Please submit an idea…
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Sticker v2

  • No bold font. Use Segoe UI Regular for better reading.
  • Bigger font.
  • 3.3V and 5V use white color.
  • Reduce space between pin 7 and 8 to 1.524mm.
  • Reduce black frame to 1px.
  • Lighter cyan color for SDA and SCL.

(160px * 25.4mils / 1000 mils/mm) - 2.54mm


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I am trying to print this out in windows 10 and it comes out in full page. Can you tell me what program you are using to edit the sticker so that it is the correct size to stick right on the Uno. Thank You.

Thanks for sharing. If you print it to a PDF then we can print it 1:1

1 to 1 PDF

1 to 1.pdf (515 KB)

Do you have Photoshop ?
Try set the print size to
width : 76mm
height : 50.67mm