Suggestions for fast 2+ channel 12bit ADC

Hello - I am using an Arduino Duemilanove

I am looking to use a 12bit ADC with this board, sampling two analogue channels, and ideally sampling each channel at >= 5ksps. Expecting to use SPI to talk to ADC.

Does this sound possible, and if so can anyone suggest any packages - preferably DIP - that they have used in the past?



while it sounds possible I don't know what you are going to do with all that data as you only have 1K of ram to put stuff in.

I am already sampling at that speed with the 10bit onboard ADC - but only briefly - monitoring voltage and current waveforms on a 50Hz electrical system for energy measurement. While the voltage is relatively static, the range of possible currents means that at low power consumption I get very low resolution readings from my CT. I sample for a small readings on both channels, then process the data, send it out over serial, and start again.

Have a look here:-

Thanks - I had come across the MCP3208 (one of the farnell hits) already browsing these forums.

I haven't used SPI before, but the latter seemed to suggest that while the chip can manage 100ksps, the arduino can't read at above ~2ksps

This may be down more to how the arduino interfaces with the ADC than with the capabilities of the converter though?