Toggle magnetic hall sensor A3144

Hello everybody. I have a question about the hall sensor. For a school project I have to adjust a arduino project from a button toggle switch to an hall sensor toggle. They already gave me an example of the button code and a start of the project for a normal hall sensor. Now I have to modify the example below for a toggle switch. Also I have to modify the code., but I am a little bit stuck. I don't know where to start. The LED on pin 13 has to go on and off when pushing the button so I have to reverse the action of the hall sensor. But can I do that in the code when in the code there is also an action comparing the old and new button state? And what do I have to modify on my breadboard. At this time I do not need the complete answer but just a direction at what to do and where to start. Can anybody help me? I already searched the internet a couple of hours and can not find anything with the code I have been given to modufy.
I can not see where to insert the code so I am sorry I have put it down here:


/* Toggle-schakelaar
Met een toggle-functie kun je met dezelfde handeling een actuator
zowel in- als uitschakelen. Voorbeeld:
knop kort indrukken, LED aan, knop kort indrukken, LED uit etc.

Verbind de drukknopschakelaar met +5V en pin D2
Verbind een pull-down weerstand tussen D2 en GND
Gebruik de on-board LED L op poort D13 als LED

// Twee constanten vertegenwoordigen pinnen D2 en D13:
const int buttonPin = 2; // Pinnummer drukknopschakelaar (D12)
const int LedPin = 13; // Pinnummer LED (D13)

// Variabele vertegenwoordigt status van de drukknopschakelaar:
int buttonState = 0;

// Twee extra variabelen voor de toggle-functie
int teller = 0; // teller telt aantal knopindrukken
int buttonState_oud = 0; // vorige status van de drukknop

void setup() {
// Initialiseer digitale poort D13 als uitgang (OUTPUT):
pinMode(LedPin, OUTPUT);
// Initialiseer digital poort D2 als ingang (INPUT):
pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);

void loop() {
// Lees de status van de drukknopschakelaar:
buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);

// vergelijk de status met de vorige status
if (buttonState != buttonState_oud) {
// als de status is veranderd, controleer dan HOE
if (buttonState == 1) {
// is de verandering van UIT naar AAN
// verhoog dan de teller met 1:
} else {
// is de verandering van AAN naar UIT
// Pauzeer na elke knopindruk om bouncing te elimineren
// pas de status aan voor de volgende loop
buttonState_oud = buttonState;

// schakel LED aan of uit op basis van teller
if (teller % 2 == 0) {
digitalWrite(LedPin, HIGH);
} else {
digitalWrite(LedPin, LOW);


It is more common to wire the switch from ground and an input set to pinMode INPUT_PULLUP using the internal pullup resistor. No external resistor required.

Then the code to toggle the built in LED is this:

// by C Goulding aka groundFungus

const byte  buttonPin = 7;    // the pin that the pushbutton is attached to
const byte ledPin = 13;       // the pin that the LED is attached to

boolean buttonState = 0;         // current state of the button
boolean lastButtonState = 0;     // previous state of the button

void setup()
   // initialize the button pin as a input with internal pullup enabled
   pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
   // initialize the LED as an output:
   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
   // initialize serial communication:

void loop()
   static unsigned long timer = 0;
   unsigned long interval = 50;  // check switch 20 times per second
   if (millis() - timer >= interval)
      timer = millis();
      // read the pushbutton input pin:
      buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);
      // compare the new buttonState to its previous state
      if (buttonState != lastButtonState)
         if (buttonState == LOW)
            // if the current state is LOW then the button
            // went from off to on:
            digitalWrite(ledPin, !digitalRead(ledPin)); // toggle the output
      // save the current state as the last state,
      //for next time through the loop
      lastButtonState = buttonState;

This same code will work with a Hall effect switch (I know, I tested it). The internal pullup replaces the external pullup in your OP.

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Thank you for the reply. I see that I only forgot something to mention. The task that I have been give is to use an external pull_up resistor and the hall sensor has to be reversed. The hall sensor normally switches off when the magnet comes closes but the task I have been given is to switch the hall sensor on whe the magnet comes to the sensor and goes of when removing the magnet.