Toy Microwave Panel that beeps and makes a sound

Hi everyone, complete utter newbie here with very basic coding skills in BASIC.

I would like to soup up my son's Ikea Duktig kitchen and features to make it all singing and dancing. One of the things I would like to do is add a panel to the mircowave that beeps when the buttons are pressed and then plays the sound of a microwave for about 15 seconds and then dings or beeps at the end. I asked about this in the All About Circuits forum and some kind people suggested I ask here as I will need Arduino products to do it.

I would really appreciate being told what to do, I need a real "paint by numbers" approach. I am willing to do it myself but it's all new to me. I don't have any fancy tools, I don't have a soldering iron.

I did want the full panel with numbers 0-9 but actually I think it's better to keep it simple so I think I'd like three buttons: Cook, start and Time

When pressed Cook brings up 15 seconds on an LED display

When start is pressed it turns on a light and plays a microwave sound and counts down the 15 secs and then beeps at the end to show the "food" is ready. Ìf the door of the microwave is opened the sound stops playing, the timer stops and the light goes out. Pressing start counts down from where the counter left off.

Time shows the current time when pressed.

I could do this with two buttons but Cook would still need to incorporate all the functions of Start.

Anyone out there willing to give me some helpful in depth advice and help this mama out?

Just trying to use my skills to put together something nice for my son. Your help and expertise will be very much appreciated and I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and for any replies.


How about this?

Arduino ikea duktig

You can always add features if you have more ideas.