Transmitting data before instrumentation amplifier

Hello, I have a EEG cups and hoping you all know the EEG cups data is passed through instrumentation amplifier and the data is converted intro readable for machines. So do you have any idea to to transmit data from EEG cups to arduino and then using instrument amplifier to make it readable.

The reason I am asking this is to make it compact and small. If its not possible, then is it possible to make the instrument amplifier smaller like Attiny85 size ?

Sorry to inform you that we know NOTHING about the data being passed from EEG cups. Please explain if you expect help. Don't assume anything.

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I think you got that the wrong way round. I'd expect the cups to feed the amplifier and the output of the amplifier to go into the A2D input of the Arduino. An Arduino cannot read an ECG cup directly, the signal needs to be amplified first.

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Since this is a medical device I decline to answer, there are a lot of rules and regulations that have to be adhered to, please check them out. Be careful a mistake can hurt somebody.

I'm not too sure of the method you intent to send data... if you need wireless then, the data must be amplified first and then digitally sent over the air.

If you are using a wired connection, you can place the amp at the other end of the line (i do NOT recommend this) youd need to account for the attenuation of the line, and bias your readings.

However, in a grossly oversimplified statement, the closer the amp is to the source, with proper filtering, the better.

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