Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

Just got an the Uno board and when I tried to complete the blink program I got this error Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). There is another post on this by ahensley46 but the help given to him isn't working for me. I'm using windows 10, usb port works fine, IDE opens fine, board lights up, I have reset and restarted the board many times, nothing is too hot, the only other thing I have noticed is that the IDE option to select a port has been grayed out. Any help is useful.

Thanks, Banana

You may have a CLONE arduino and for those drivers may be required that are NOT supplied with the IDE

Google CH340

Also be aware that USB 2.0 ports are preferred with Arduinos as not all USB 3.0 ports work well with them.

Thank you, I will look into ch340 and give an update. Is there anyway I can tell between a knockoff and a real one? I mean the one I have came with a kit sold on the arduino site and the book for it. I'm new to these boards so I don't know any of the details to them.

Thanks again, Banana

If it was from this Arduino site it is NOT a ch340 driver issue

Do you know what type of USB ports you are using and lets see if we can rule that out.

BTW pic of a CH340 board attached.

And an R3 real one

DSC_8490 640x480 ch340.jpg

According to your pictures I have a real board as well as it did come off the arduino site. I have 2 USB 3.0 ports and an 8 series enhanced USB made by Intel which might be 3.0 as well. I plugged the board into all of them and the same error came up on all three. The ch340 driver did nothing as you predicted.


Could be the USB 3.0 issue.

Do you have access to another computer with USB 2.0 to try ? Or a powered USB 2.0 hub to use between the USB 3.0 and Arduino as that's my own method here to get my 101 and MKR's working on USB 3.0

The 2.0 USB hub idea worked!

Thanks, Banana


You are welcome.... Some fixes are easier than others and that is always my GOTO for USB 3.0 issues.

Even avoid using USB 3.0 cables themselves with USB 2.0 devices had a couple of minor hiccups here on that too.

Thank for the information. Even an unpowered USB 3.0 USB hub worked. Is there any setting for slow USB devices?

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What do you mean slow usb devices ?