using a fish tank to pump water from a containter onto some plants.

Would this be possible ? I have heared from people that using 2 tubes and one of them pushes the water with its air and the other tube transfers the water. But we are using a containter to store the water not a bottle. So my question is would this still work and are there any better ways of doing this ? If there is a easier/better way please let me know :).

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Fish tanks use an arrangement where they pump air into the bottom of a vertical tube, and the rising stream of air bubbles will push some of the water up the tube.

This is an inefficient process energy-wise, and will only lift the water a few centimetres. You could use this arrangement to cause water to oveflow from a container, but only if you can keep the water level almost at the overflow level of the container.

Fish tanks use this process because it has other appropriate benefits, like adding oxygen to the water for the fish. That is not particularly relevant for watering plants.

Small water pumps are now cheap and readily available, it makes more sense to use a water pump.

If the plants are below the level of the water in the fish tank you could use a siphon.


Robin2: If the plants are below the level of the water in the fish tank you could use a siphon.


Various issues with siphon action - it can't be stopped without a valve that functions under very little back-pressure (rules out many solenoid valves). If you don't stop it all the water will flow out and swamp the plants. Overwatering is a reliable way to kill most plants (IMO).

Dissolved gases tend to come out of solution and eventually break the siphon action when enough bubbles get to the top of the U-tube. Not v. reliable.

A programmed pump should be more reliable unattended, if its self-priming. There are many cheap immersible BLDC pumps on eBay for v. little money, and over-watering is unlikely.

Hi, HERE'S: a little pump I just got to feed Chlorine into my swimming pool under Arduino control. I also got THIS: tubing.

It pumps about 3.5 gallons per hour up to 30" high. I'll only need to run it about 5 or 10 minutes every night.

I will control it with either an optically-isolated relay board like THIS:

Or an optically-isolated Solid State Relay like THIS:

For more about controlling power with Arduino see the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:

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