Voice Controlled Front Door Opener

Hey all,

I built this Arduino based voice controlled door opener.

On the command “open” it unlocks the door, opens the handle and opens the door.
On the command “close” it locks the door.

I combined an Arduino Uno with an EasyVR Shield (Voice Recognition). The door bracket is made from the Makeblock robotics kit.

I started by having it IR controlled, then switched to voice recognition. I’m still playing with it a bit and will try a few new fancy ways to open my door in the future.

I made a video showing it in action and giving an overview to how it works:

All links and images for the project are below. FYI I’m an Amazon affiliate, so if you do buy something from these links they’ll send me a dollar or two. $)

Hope you like it,

This project can be done in two ways:

  1. Makeblock kit + EasyVR Shield ~ $240
  2. Custom Bracket + EasyVR Shield + Arduino Romeo (Arduino and motor control in one) + AA battery case + 2 DC Motors ~ $120

MAKEBLOCK ROBOTICS KIT (I got mine from Kickstarter, but this one will work)











Code: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4dg6x0mittficn6/qyh1MGA74U
Makeblock: http://makeblock.cc/download/
EasyVR: http://www.veear.eu/downloads/
*This code is for the Makeblock kit + EasyVR Shield. If you can program at an intermediate level in any language you should be able to modify it as needed. You will need the Makeblock and EasyVR libraries to make this all work.

Well articulated - good to hear descriptions spoken clearly, sans umms and ahhs.

Would be interested to see how it performs when it really needs to: cold and wet with driving wind and rain adding white noise to your voice pattern as you stand, shivering, outside, arms loaded with precious babies and boxes of Weetbix, teeth chattering, desperately imploring, "open". Look forward to the test video :wink:

I foresee an EEG upgrade to this door opening system, with perhaps a thumb or finger print operated mechanism first?

Thanks mate,

Haha, it probably wouldn't do well in those conditions. Early on I got frustrated with the code and kept saying "open" through gritted teeth, getting more and more frustrated as it refused to do so... It was a vicious cycle.

Funnily enough it never had trouble with "close", must be the harsher, more definable sound. An easy fix might be to change it to "unlock" or something. Or just record myself saying "open" in dozens of different ways.

Wish I had the tech knowhow to do an EEG!


You sound Aussie in the video - is this the case?

How did you find amazon purchases for the hardware? Was shipping expensive? Delivery time long?

Yep, you caught me. I'm in Perth.

I got the Makeblock on Kickstarter and I bid on an EasyVR Shield on ebay myself.

Amazon can suck for Aussies, some vendors simply won't ship to Aus and shipping is varied.
I did order 500g of brass weights (that's orginally how I opened the door) from Amazon and shipping was $10, then they wanted nearly $100 to ship a 40g EasyVR Shield.

Great presentation, does it work for Scottish accent?

A'm nae sure.

Glad ye liked it.