VS1838B IR Sensor with HW-477 Module Pins

I ordered Universal IR Receiver and I got HW-477 module with VS1838B IR Sensor.

Good thing is datasheet for VS1838B is available but not for HW-477.

VS1838B pins as: Ref
Signal | GND | VCC

while HW-477 says:

  • | R | G

Can't understand which one to follow and R is for Receiver? G is for GND and what is - (minus sign) for?

So can anyone help me with ( - R G ) of HW-477 ?


Trace the foil traces to see where they end up, or use an DMM/OHM METER.

I think R is receive.

You might find a TSOP4838 is a better choice/range; that’s what I’ve found.

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Foil tracing doesn't worked here because the circuit as whole is coated.
Using "Connectivity" (Continuity (diode test)) option of Digital Multimeter, found these to play beep:

VS1838B | HW-477
Signal      =       G & (minus pin of HW-477)
GND        =       (minus pin of HW-477)
VCC          =       R

More confusion here & here

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