Water rocket parachute deployment

So basically I have a Arduino uno, and a servo, I want to basically program the Arduino so that if you click a button or something, the Arduino gets triggered and delays for like 10 seconds, then I launch the rocket, and after those 10 seconds the servo rotates like 90 degrees instantly and the parachute deployment system does its job. Please and thanks I don’t know coding at all and I’m a noob at this

This forum is not generally a code writing service (unless you want to pay for it), rather its member help people with projects that they have started and who are having problems. With that in mind, what have you tried so far ? Have you tried any of the examples in the IDE ? With your simple requirements look at the Button example, the use of the delay() function in the Blink example and the Servo Sweep example

I must say that using simple timing to trigger the parachute sounds less than satisfactory should anything go wrong

I haven’t really tried anything yet because my teacher never found a servo. But when I find one I will definitely experiment. Thanks

Until such time as you have a servo simply print the values that would be sent to it