What is the best simulator for Arduino?

Tinkercad or is there a better one?

Why use a simulator when an UNO costs next to nothing.

I have an Arduino UNO, but I want to use a simulator to make certain projects that I can not do in real life because I do not have the components and now I can not buy them, also a simulator is useful to test my projects and see if they work and then pass them to reality.

How much do the simulators cost? If cost is nothing or very low, try them all.

I was looking for a recommendation :slight_smile:

No idea if these descriptions can clarify which simulator fits best to your needs.

Found them by

best regards Stefan

My grandfather always said in such cases:
"In der Theorie gibt es keinen Unterschied zwischen Theorie und Praxis. In der Praxis gibt es einen!"

You will not find many fans of simulators amongst the members that answer the bulk of the questions here. They do not fulfil their promise especially when it comes to simulating external components.


I agree with your point, when things do not go the right way, you do not know if the simulator is at fault or something else. The more parameters you add to the equation the more difficult it is to solve. You also have to get into the mindset of the people who designed the simulator.

The components one can buy at some Chinese suppliers using Aliexpress is not expensive. But for the boards Uno and Mega I prefer genuine as they are more robust, compatible and reliable.

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