What is the name of this round 8-pin connector?

I just can't figure out what this small 8-pin connector is called:

It's from an electric scooter btw.

It doesn't look like any of the DIN connectors. First of all because the pins of DIN connectors are way bigger in relation to the connector size and secondly because there doesn't appear to be one that has the same pin layout.

Higo connectors seem to have a similar pin size in relation to the connector like the one I am looking for. But I can't find one that has a matching pin layout.

If that’s a push-pull type connector, then it could be an 8-PIN LEMO 2B

This also looks similar and has some dimensions you could check: Medical 8 Pin Plastic Electrical Connectors Quick Push Pull Self Locking System

Well if it wasn't for the stupid watermark, we might be able to compare the images!


My connector has 8 pin holes and one gap. The gap is just used to ensure that you can only plug it in in one orientation.

The connectors that you've shown only have 8 pins without the gap.

And my connector is not self-latching or anything.

No one?

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