Where is the Wifi antenna ?

Where is the antenna ? Is it possible to connect an external antenna ?
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from Getting started with the MKR WiFi 1010

Hi, I'm also curious if there is a way to extend range by soldering some wires to it? :wink:

DO NOT solder wires to it !

Antennas have specific resonance frequencies and you could burn out the final stages of a transmitter if you dont know what you are doing in that regards.
It is a quite complex subject that involves SWR factors. If you know what SWR is then you will understand a little of what I am saying.

If your signal is weak and you are at the edge of your reception range consider a few things.

  1. Move your router to a better position. Not always easy I know but quite often they are placed in one of the worst possible locations even basements !

  2. Add a cheap repeater. They are mostly reasonable in price nowadays and easy to install and are ideal for range extension.

  3. Place a metallic reflector behind the board location but pointing towards you router (or vice versa). Ensure that the board or other components have zero chance of coming into contact with the metallic surface. This acts to reflect some of the lost signal back in the direction you want.

I just broke the onboard antenna and solder again but was not perfect...

The question is looking at the schematics, there is a not populated U.FL-R-SMT connector in j10 connected to the antenna pin. anyone has tried to use this?. what antenna can be used?.

how should be the procedure to use this connector? I have to unsolder the onboard antenna or leave it connected?. what about performance?.

I would like to try since my own antenna has been damaged and it hard to repair this type of smd antennas.



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I am not even sure how you managed to damage the SMD antenna or socket as they are quite durable.
Proper repairs / replacement need at the very least half decent soldering skills and a decent soldering iron and tips.

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Sorry for HIJACKing,my mistake,I was worried about and just was the best post I found about the antenna and didn't though about open a new topic but you are true,I have done it, there it's:


Even I didn't realize I'm on other board forum,I have the MKR vidor 4000 and in this board is easier to break the antenna (at least for my BIG hands) if you try to connect the micro hdmi cable in the other side of the board since you have to use force to push the hdmi connector and in my case I was pushing the board from the other side and didn't figure out how it could break until it broke.

Soldering the wifi antenna is hard since it has 4 soldering points and you can't solder all pins together so you have to apply heat to each one and push the antenna to the board several times but it's doable and the antenna it's working correctly since now I have same measured quality signal before broke the antenna but was not sure how much time it could works.