Where to buy those RF Remote Controls?

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i am working on a project which currently uses IR to control some stuff. I decided to switch to RF due to a design change where the receiver part goes into a concrete case. Now i am searching an RF remote control which provides more than 11 keys (the biggest i found on the net so far). Surprisingly i found one with 40 keys - I got that remote from an leftover commercial led product, but i need more of those remotes. The fact that my IR sensor (this little standard module from iduino) does not seem to receive anything at all via this remote tells me it is an RF remote control.. Does anyone know where i can get those RF controls with more keys?

Left the suspicious RF / Right the IR. (Sorry for upside down)

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Look for « 44 key IR remote controller » on eBay

little bit confused what RF control has to do with IR sensor

+1 with @killzone_kid

if the remote is using Radio Frequencies (RF) then your IR detector (Infra Red) won't get any signal.

Hi @danst0n
Are you looking for a remote that uses RF but has a format similar to these IR ones?

Like this?


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Exactly! This one has 20 keys - would be enough. But i dont need this led controller on top. I need the remote only. Do you have any tip for me?

I updated my first post. It was late at night, forgot to end this first quoted sentence... Sorry x)

Updated my first post, forgot to end a sentence. Late at night, no coffee... sorry..

IR remote would have a quite obvious IR emitting diode on the front, this is how you know it is IR control. Do you have a RF receiver module you can test your RF control on?

The RF remote also has an diode on the front which emits light you actually can see.

Do you have a RF receiver module you can test your RF control on?

Yes, i have the led spots installed in the living room. This led receiver clearly doesnt work with IR technology since i can control them from a different room with the remote, which speaks for it to be RF - IR would not work in this scenario. Anyways im in search of a RF remote with more than 11 keys, thats actually all i struggle with :smiley:

i’m confused once more, your RF control for controlling lights has IR emitting diode?

No IR diode, but a diode. I guess this one is kinda useless. Maybe they thought "yea, lets build it with a red led in front so they know if the battery is quite working"

Oh so this is just for feedback so you know buttons are working, ok

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