Will this power supply run my project?

Hi, I am making a four axis robot arm using four micro servos (mg90s). Alongside this I want to be running a conveyor belt with both a 3-6v dc toy motor and a ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04). To be running all these components through a arduino, I have a breadboard and a power supply module that attaches to it. I understand that I'll need an external power source with a high current, would this powersupply do (https://www.amazon.com.au/GutReise-Universal-Multifunction-Switching-Selectable/dp/B08YJV97JZ/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=arduino+power+supply&qid=1635116340&sr=8-16#customerReviews) or would something else be better?

Interesting but not telling anything. There are a number of different types that basicly are very different.

Don't use a breadboard to distribute motor power. It's made for signals.

Post schematics showing how You intend to wire things up.

Sorry, an arduino Uno r3. If I'm shouldn't use a breadboard, what would you recommend using instead? Also are there any resources to make some schematics of how I'm going to wire everything up? Sorry for all the questions, im super new to this

Everyone is born "new". No problem.
Be correct, precise, post links to the data sheet of stuff. Many helpers recognize the servos. I don't so I would reserve 1 Amp at their maximum. Okey, they hopefully don't run at max at the same time.

Try and use pen and paper! Check the picture for focus. Pin designation, power system that shows voltage and connection points etc. It often works well.
Using screw connection blocks is one option for motor power. The breadboard handles signals, not real current.

Make a summary what voltages You need. The servos likely run from 5 volt. The HC-SR04 I don't know for sure. There are some 3.3 volt stuff out there.

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The power supply specification isn't exactly detailed. If it can really do 30W that's 5V 6A or 6V 5A then that will be enough.

The servo +/- power wires need to be connected direct to the power supply NOT through the Arduino or breadboard. The servo signal (orange or white wire) go to the Arduino and you need a connection between power supply -ve and Arduino GND.


Four microservos is already above 2A I reckon. I think you might need more like 5A supply for servos and motor, and run the sensors off the Arduino 5V (don't mix motor power with sensor or logic power).

Breadboards are not really rated for high currents, best to solder or use screwterminal for the high current wiring if you can.

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