Wireless Surveillance System using Zigbee Technology

Hello everyone... I m making project of "wireless surveillance system using zigbee technology". So in this project i m going to interface Camera to Microcontroller and microcontroller to Zigbee Transmitter. I m using Arduino UNO compatible with ATmega328p. And i will also connect PIR motion sensor with microcontroller (Transmitter side) I want just images at receiver side (Zigbee USb stick) taken from the camera at transmitter side.

So i have read Adafruits article of TTL Serial JPEG Camera with NTSC Video. http://learn.adafruit.com/ttl-serial-camera/overview

In the article they have shows how to take snaps from camera but my problem is that my zigbee module is already connected at the TX, Rx pins of microcontroller. So is there any other scope to connect this camera with arduino. So kindly help me for my project so i can move further on other parts of my project. Thank You.

Look into using the software serial module to give you an extra serial port.

Thank you so much...I hope your reply will be very helpful for me.