Working with MQS pin/socket connectors.

Hello all!

Well I am working on a project where I need to interface with existing senors. I do not want to cut or mar the existing wires so I am making kind of a piggyback.

I found the matching plugs online, so I can put my own wires between the existing plugs.

Well a problem I am facing is putting the pins inside of the plug is a PITA. is the pin/socket I am using and is the plug.

The male plug with the pins went in really easy, but the female side with the socket connectors is not working out all that well. I don't have a real crimpers for the contacts so I am using needle nose pliers (crimpers are like 200 bucks from what I have seen).

Is there a special tool that is used to put the pins in? I know they have tools to take the pins out. The best I have come up with so far has been a empty ink tube from a bic pen. Still doesn't work all that well.

I had ordered 6 pins (should of gotten more) and destroyed two while trying to put them in, so now I have 2/3 of a plug done. I spent about 3 hours trying to get the pins in and not bend them, If you get a bend at all it seems you might as well start over.

So has anyone worked with this type of connector before and know a trick? I don't feel it should be all that hard to put these in, I also confirmed with TE that these are the correct pins/socket for the connector.

Pin carnage:

Thanks, Jesse

Well I figured I would post information I received elsewhere encase someone here is looking for this information.

I purchased “Molex W-HT-1921” crimpers, have not received yet.
I guess the connectors are typical “B” type and this crimper should be able to crimp them.
I purchased my from Jameco. Molex W-HT-1921

A guide to crimping is located here also:

Those look like MQS pins, and unfortunately, about the only way to properly crimp them is with the Tyco crimper. And yeah, I think I paid about $100 for the handle and $200 for the dies for it - not a cheap way to start.

It was damn near impossible for me to get a reliable connection using needle nose or any thing else - unless they are mechanically crimped to spec, as you discovered, they are almost impossible to get into the sockets.

Molex pins are different beasts, and I don't think you'll be successful crimping MQS with a molex crimper...