Yun is semi blocked

I'm using a yun since 3 weeks and done my sketch to read 5 umidity ground sensors end a dht11 for air humidity and temperature.

Everythink was working quite good (except I've not yet added web server functionality to monitor the board vi web), when yesterday all of a sudden the pin 13 and it's board led went HIGH with no reason.
At the same time I can't no more open the serial monitor because I receive always the same message:

Unable to connect: retrying (1)...
Unable to connect: retrying (2)...
Unable to connect: retrying (3)...
Unable to connect: retrying (4)...
Unable to connect: is the sketch using the bridge?

Moreover: I tried to upload some of the example sketches via wifi but nothing changed, and all the output are out of order except the 13 that's still ON, even after a reset and installation of the latest openWrt.

Now I've disconnected all in/out and linked the board to my mac via USB but I still can not upload sketches via cable because IDE can't see it.

Is there a way to COMPLETELY reset everyting to the beginning?
Is the board broken?



The Atmega side of your Yun seems broken.
When you upload the sketch via WiFi the linux side actually reset the entire memory of the Atmega so if it can't program it and you can't see the Atmega with the USB cable it seems that it is broken.

If you are right why via wifi the linino recognize that the sketch is perfectly uploaded?
Is there any control via bridge between the two processors?

How could it be possible on a board I've bought two weeks ago and used a few hours on my irrigation project?
When it happened i was looking at the board while uploading a sketch...

How could I be sure 100% that you are right, there is a test I could do?
Do you think ther's a sort of warranty on it?

A lot of questions I know :astonished:


I misread one of your sentences in the first post. The linux side can actually program the atmega. The programming is done through SPI connection between the two processors.

Try to upload the Blink example via WiFi, and check if the blink is still solid on or blinks.

By the way if you want open the serial monitor through the USB cable you have to select the COM port in the Port menu, if you select the IP of the Yun and then open the serial monitor it will try to communicate with the Bridge Console via WiFi