12V Relay with 3 contacts. How to switch in ZVS mode.

Hello What could I do with a 3 contacts relay I want to switch a 3 phase motor but It has a lot noisy. Could I switch in ZVS mode by a relay like JQX-10F |309x500 Very thank you.

Hi, How big is the motor, current, voltage? You will need a 3 pole relay to switch each pole out, the relay you have pictured has only 2 poles.

You will not be able to get a relay to ZVS, zero voltage switch, it will not be quick or precise enough.

As you are switching a 3phase motor, it will be an inductive load, so if you ZVS there will still be current flowing in the circuit.

Tom... :)

You will need a 3 Pole Contactor with one auxiliary pole (4 poles in total) to provide a No Volt safety circuit.

If you want a Zero crossing relay you will have to use a soild state one like this rated for the motor current

Soiid State 3P Relay