Best gps module?


Who has recommendations on a gps module?

More specifically, what about the skm53? $30 from ebay seems hard to beat.

"Best" in what way? Accuracy? Startup time? Sensitivity? Price? Ease of use?

The Skylab SkyNav SKM53 gps module seem like a reasonable choice for most purposes.

I guess "best" is just bang for the buck, in this case. What's easy to interface, cheap, and otherwise "good enough"?


While a little more expensive, the below GPS shield includes a on shield 328p co-processor that would 'off load' a lot of the code you would normally have to include in your sketch. It's a very sensitive and fast GPS module also.


In this case, I'm just looking to send the information to a desktop computer through a wifi link,

retrolefty - you beat me too it :D

I kinda like that shield also... ;)

Sorry bumping this thread but I am somewhat in the same boat. What would be a good recommendation for a GPS module? I am looking for something that has an accuracy somewhere between 1 and 10 feet, preferably 1 to 5 feet if possible. I would like the package of it receiving and sending data to the satellites.

Also, something that has a fast communication from it's input and output. Power, operating temperature and weight are somewhat less of a priority but should be secondary factors. I found some from Sparkfun, Parallax and Jameco but they vary greatly in price and do not understand why when I am comparing the number of channels it has, current and power. I do not understand the speed/frequency ratings. My guess is that the higher frequency, gives more output/input?

I am looking into different GPS but perhaps there are some factors I am unaware of and some background information.

so, i though i'd bump this thread: .·o0o·.

reason being i'm about to buy the Skylab SKM53. and i was hoping someone familiar with it could let me know if it's a good choice. if anyone has any recommendations about gps the help will be much appreciated. the purpose of this gps unit will be to be integrated into a board design, which is why i'm not going for a sheild. thanks for any advice.

GPS accuracy isn't usually a problem, they all do about 5--10m.

The key specification is the number of channels and receiver sensitivity, the newer modules are all LOADS better than ones from 10/15 years ago and tend to work indoors (which in theory they shouldn't!). Don't expect accuracy to be good without full clear view to the skies BTW. Other specs are update frequency, power consumption, operating voltage, time-to-acquisition and so forth - there is no "best" module.

Take a look at Taiwan Nice compact module, with up to 10Hz update rate, up to 115,200 transfer speeds. Models with USB, RS232, TTL interfaces, and 3.3V or 5V. -30C to +85C operation. LS20030 thru LS20033 2.5-3m accuracy

CrossRoads, Locosys does make some nice products but, where would you get them from?

Not sure. Skyjumper ordered 10 of them to try out with his RPN4 (, and he ordered a couple for me. Might be direct from the factory.

CrossRoads: Not sure. Skyjumper ordered 10 of them to try out with his RPN4 (, and he ordered a couple for me. Might be direct from the factory.

There is a picture of a board that looks a little familiar..something you may have posted. Nice work on the RPN4 "to you or him whoever designed it"!

Are you referring me to contact Skyjumper, or just showing me an example?

You can ask him directly, he doesn’t mind questions.
I designed that board for him to his requirements, he tweaked the lettering to suit his needs and did all the programming.
Can see it here too

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