BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER | Crash on restart/Cant read from as3glue | Mega 2560

Im pretty close to pulling my freaking hair out. It seemed like such a simple task, basic button. Using ground to send a signal on a digital input with a simple button. I have the standardF loaded on the board. Im using serproxy (no errors in serproxy) so I can access it in flash with as3 glue. At one point last night after 2 18 hour days of WTF why is this not working. It just started working, went to bed. Next morning I plugged the board into a second computer to test the code, it seemed to work better, I could not load the firmware version on my desktop in flash. But on my laptop it worked, however i could not set pins. wtf... plugged it back in to my desktop now its not working here either. 4 more hours of WTF tinkering, reloading fireware, drivers, same crap. When I open the serial monitar its garbled, but no combo of baud rates fixes it. I can write the blink sketch without issue thou and it never worked even when I was able to see my signals on the pins. I am at my wits end on this. Big issue one, when ever I use the controller when I shutdown i crash with the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER on a bsod (win 7 x64) and the same thing happens on my laptop (win7 x64). As best I can tell I dont need the FTDI drivers thou i loaded the lastest ones anyway just to try it. When I look at the drivers in window its version: 5.1.2600.0 from 11/15/2007 i tried to update and all sorts of tricks but windows says this is the latest.

Please help. =(

This is my simple class for access the 2560

package elements 
    import com.greensock.*;
    import com.greensock.easing.*;
    import flash.display.*;
    import flash.events.*;
    import flash.utils.*;
    import net.eriksjodin.arduino.*;
    import net.eriksjodin.arduino.events.*;

    public class Controller extends Sprite
        public var _tick:Timer;
        public var _board:Arduino;
        public var _pushed:Boolean = false;

        public function Controller() 
            _tick = new Timer(50);
            _tick.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, onTick);

            _board = new Arduino("", 5331);
            _board.addEventListener(ArduinoEvent.FIRMWARE_VERSION, onFirmware);
            _board.addEventListener(ArduinoEvent.DIGITAL_DATA, trigger);

        public function onConnect(e:Event):void
            D.log("board connected" + e);
            _board.writeDigitalPin(2, Arduino.HIGH);
            _board.writeDigitalPin(3, Arduino.HIGH);
            _board.writeDigitalPin(4, Arduino.HIGH);
            _tick.start(); // tick not needed but keeping to monitor states


        public function onConnectError(e:IOErrorEvent):void

        public function onFirmware(e:ArduinoEvent):void
            D.log("Firmware loaded" + e);

        public function trigger(e:ArduinoEvent):void {
            D.log("Controller.trigger() " + e.pin + " = " + e.value);
            if(e.value == 0){
                switch(e.pin) {
                    case 2:
                        dispatchEvent(new ControllerEvent(ControllerEvent.PUSH, 1));

                    case 3:
                        dispatchEvent(new ControllerEvent(ControllerEvent.PUSH, 2));

                    case 4:
                        dispatchEvent(new ControllerEvent(ControllerEvent.PUSH, 3));

        public function onTick(e:TimerEvent):void {

            var pin:int = _board.getDigitalData(2);
            if (pin === 0) {
                _pushed = true;

            if (_pushed) {
                D.log('*********************** '+pin);
            }else {
                D.log('x '+pin);



Big issue one, when ever I use the controller when I shutdown i crash with the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER on a bsod (win 7 x64) and the same thing happens on my laptop (win7 x64)

Does the problem occur if you have nothing connected to the board?

Do you have a HUB in between the computer and the board?