CH340 Not installing

My problem is that when I install the driver it does not detect the board, so when I uninstall it I get a message as if it had never been installed in the first place, I tried to restart, change the port, download the driver from other sources

What OS are you using? What board?


I am using an arduino uno on windows 10 with the latest version of the IDE

Where did you get the 340 driver?

from the original page, then from others to see if it could work

Please provide a link to "the original page"

at least, it's the page that all forums recomend

already downloaded from that page

Did you watch the instructional video?
It explains that you'll need to to an uninstall too.

that's the thing, it says that there is no device, but when i install it and press uninstall it says the same

You're not uninstalling a device, you are uninstalling a driver


Which driver are you trying to install?

it say's CH341

And the chip on your board?

where exactly is the chip

Dunno, you have the board.
You can post pictures of the front and back.