change pins of 3.5" tft lcd

i am using 3.5" tft lcd . but i want to change D0 to D7 pin of lcd to pins 22 to 28 of arduino mega is there any way ?


20cm male to female "Dupont" jumpers should work okay. I'd get some 6 and 8 pin bodies to make it more reliable since single pins tend to pop out of their sockets, especially the male pins.

Buy a pcb like mega2560 protoshield

Then snip the D2-D9 male pins. And solder wires from the female D2-D9 header sockets to the D22-D29 male pins.

You can do a similar re-routeing job on the microSD pins i.e. route D10-D13 to D50-D53.

This will give you a robust Adapter for your TFT. For MCUFRIEND_kbv: USE_SPECIAL, USE_MEGA_8BIT_PROTOSHIELD

Yes, you can use Dupont jumper wires but it is not very neat (or compact). Like avr_fred, I would strongly advise buying empty Dupont receptacles e.g. 6x1, 4x2.