Control ventilation

HI, I am new to arduino, and I would like to control some ventilation using an arduino.

I am confident that I can put up a temp sensor and write a program for a servo or some other kinds of relevant actuation unit, but I am very uncertain of how to implement it with the existing control unit.

I have taken a picture of the component and was hoping that someone could recognise the electronics and give some advise.

On the other side of these electronics is just a turn button which goes from off and then from high to low.

Hope someone can help. Also if you can tell the voltageinvolved. I suspect that it is either 12 or 230v.

I would rather not have at servo control the button, that would look very unprofessional.

Best regards

Hope someone can help. Also if you can tell the current involved. I suspect that it is either 12 or 230v.

12V and 230V are voltages, not currents. If the signal is AC, then the voltages are probably given as RMS (root mean square) values.

As for what you took a picture of, could you provide the manufacturer/product details and names? The picture doesn’t help too much.

Also, could you post a picture of the front of the box (to depict the knob you mentioned)?

the answers can not be better than the questions.

what does that thing do ?
are you trying to control temperature or flow ?
voltage ? you need to figure that out before you do much else.

the photo was well taken to avoid offering any details.
what text is on the intput wiring side of the screw terminals ?
what is written on the IC’s that have the huge heat sinks ?
what does the power connector look like ?
manufacture make and model ?
manufacture make and model of the thing it controls ?

Hi thank you for trying to help. I thought you were better at figuring things out though :slight_smile: (Kidding)

Well on the other side of the box is just as I explained a knob that turns about 180 degrees. All the way to the left it is off. Then it has a tactile feedback when it goes to On, and it starts by being at Max, and then you can turn it all the way right to Min.

The knob control airflow, it sound like a electric engine that provides fresh air flow to the room. There is a separate control for heating. I suspect that there is a electric heater in the ventilation shaft, that power on by tampeture. I am not very interested in that.

The picture really provides all the available information, and there are no stickers or manufacture information anywhere.

I was hoping that the picture of the electrical components could provide enough information, so that a electronic geek could figure it out, but that does no seem to be the case, or the right geek has now shown up yet.

Best Regards

PS: When I use the term geek, it is on the outmost positive sense. I consider myself a geek, just not in this exact field.