Crane scale app

Hello all,
I am very new to this Adriuno scene so if my questions seems stupid I am sorry in advance. I am looking to hook up a crane scale to a Adriuno Uno and test the resistance that is created from the scale. I would like to send these numbers in punds back to my mac. From there I will make an app to use them. This is for a rock climbing application I have been working on for my personal use.

If anyone has any suggestions of were to start let me know. I am going to be tinkering now just to get my bearing with the board.


Start by providing information on the scale and the display method so that we know with what we are working. Then we have a start at the hardware side. Post a data sheet or manual for the scale.


i will be using this scale and retrofitting a Andriuno UNO to it.

I am going to read the Serial port with elixir and make a genserver to run an app. I just need a library that will support conversions to LBs. I will be tinkering with this more tonight so that i can give some more info.

This will basically be like a bthroom scale that would shoot the results of your weight to a mac. From there i will handle them and display them blah blah blah

The manual that I could find makes no mention of a serial port. Do you have the specifications of the serial port (baud rate, bits, start and stop bits, parity and, most important, voltage levels)?

My plan was to get an amplifier HX711 and take the load cell off the micro controller it is currently on. From there i was going to wire the cell to the hx711 to the Andriuno then to an lcd screen. After that i will make a case.

I am VERY new to this, so if i am way off let me know :slight_smile:

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