Custom Arduino with USB-C

Recently, I've been working on a custom Arduino PCB based off the Uno and using some inspiration from Electronoobs. I've been trying to replace the USB-B Micro port with a USB-C receptacle. It includes all of the same pins the USB-B port has, except I'm not exactly sure what I should do with the unused ports. Should I leave them disconnected completely, or should I tie them directly to ground? I am only using the USB 2.0 connections, utilizing only the power, ground, and D+ and D- ports.

Here's the schematic from Electronoobs' custom PCB
Here's what I currently have in my schematic for the USB-C receptacle

Another quick question, do I need to connect the CC1 and/or CC2 pins for the USB 2.0 protocol? I read on a TI document that there's a loop that allows the 5v to start only after the channel configuration pins confirm the attachment of the plug.

Thanks in advance for any help!