Driving a Brushless Motor

Hello! I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. Moving onto my question: I have a brush less motor salvaged from a printer/scanner unit. It is driven by a LB1870 chip with a section below saying “6Y8”. I do not know what the 6Y8 means but I did find the driver board sheet here: http://pdf.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheet/sanyo/ds_pdf_e/LB1870.pdf
The output for the entire unit is just 5 pins and I am hopelessly confused to as how I could use this. I have attached a photo of the unit. If you do look at the picture you can see the that the pins are on the bottom of the photo, if it helps at all. The backside is blank except for a few lines of gibberish (“61219A”, “D.S” “61216”)…

Any help would be appreciated. I am a complete Arduino noob so saying what each pin is without telling me how to use it wouldn’t be very helpful… Nonetheless, any input is appreciated!



The motor will have 8 wires, not 5, 3 are the winding phases U, V, W, driving the thing, and there are 5 composed of GND, 5V and 3 hall-sensor inputs that tell the driver chip what phase to drive (3 hall sensors will be on the PCB under the motor's rotor sensing its permanent magnets.

As for the connector to the board, it will have power and some of the input controls for the chip, try following the traces if you can.

6Y8 is probably the Sanyo datecode, you might be able to find docs for it somewhere.

To get it spinning Just connect the vcc pin to 20 to 28 volts and the ground pin to ground. Then connect the ss pin to ground. To control it with arduino you could connect the ss pin on the lb1870 chip to an output pin on the arduino and when the arduino pin is high, the motor will stop. And when you write the arduino pin low, the motor will turn on.