Fix the firmware and bootloader on my Hictop Duale 3 3d printer? Venice, CA

I live in Venice, CA and I'll pay someone $50 (or more if it becomes a lengthy process) to come figure out how to hook my arduino mega2560 (or anything better you'd like to bring) up to the board of my Hictop Duale 3 3D printer and update the firmware and get this thing to come back to life. I accidentally uploaded the wrong firmware using Cura and it's been useless ever since.

Did you ask for support of the service department of the Hictop Duale 3 3D printer already?

Yes. Hictop said that they no longer support this model so tough luck.

Great bunch of guys over there..

Tried with controller today.. I have no idea what I'm doing here and having no luck. $100 if you can fix it.. might even go higher if I can get this done soon..

Also willing to pay someone to set this up with a ramps 1.6 and this arduino mega2560 and scratch the current board altogether. You would need to know how to compile the firmware as well. I have not ordered a ramps board yet so I would need help deciding which one to buy. Name your price..

Alternatively, I am in the market for one or more dual extrusion printers that can reliably handle mixed pla and tpu prints if the price is right..

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