Help please, choosing display. I’d like a 7” capacitive touch screen

Good evening.

I’m looking to switch out my 4” resistive st7796s touch screen for something a little nicer and less budget basic. There is so much to choose from and I could easily make an expensive mistake. Could you guide me please? I’ve found a few that look interesting, most from BuyDisplay and one from RS-Online. As I’m U.K. based the RS-Online option appeals - no dealing with customs, faster delivery etc. However…I’m really not sure which to go for. My preference is for a 7” capacitive touch screen. I’d rather not have the screen, a separate shield and board with my Arduino, which steers me away from the first option listed below. I’ve avoided the Nextion range as my device builds the onscreen buttons depending on which and how many sensors it detects via BLE and I’ve read that the Nextion really doesn’t like that.

Which is ‘better’ ssd1963 or ra8875? Which would work best with Nano 33 BLE - starting with Adafruit_GFX but then rewriting ui to work on lvgl - or something else with antialiased fonts.

Any advice gratefully received.



You can't create buttons on the fly but you can modify the text and colour of buttons that are already there, so it might work that you design the display with blank buttons in every location you want then fill them in as required.

The 7" capacitive touch screen works beautifully.

Thanks Perry, a couple of further Nextion questions…I’ll be wanting to custom paint some data visualisations. Is that possible on the Nextions? Secondly, the GUI builder, it looks like it’s Windows only? I went Mac a little while ago.



Hello Ian,

I'm not sure what the question means so I'm not sure what the answer is. Nextions are not really displays, they are very good for HMI, where the objects on the screen are predefined and modified by what you send to the Nextion.

I don't know if the GUI builder is available for MAC, but it will cost you nothing to find out as it's free to download.

Ok, what I meant was that I’ll be reading data from a number of sensors and want to be able to present that data graphically. Some of the sensors are accelerometers and I want to be able to visualise how stable the object being measured is - without just showing the raw numbers. Ideally, I’d like to be able to show the object’s orientation and movement in 3D space.

According to the FAQs, Mac and Linux versions of the GUI builder were abandoned in 2016. It looks like they were trying to build it in Mono, but either they didn’t have enough non-Windows customers to make it worth the effort or something technical got in the way. Oh well. I guess that gives me my answer re the Nextion. Thanks anyway @PerryBebbington for encouraging me to not rule them out so quickly. They do look good.

So, anyone got any other recommendations?



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