How do you secure stuff together?

Thought I'd ask. How do you attach two things? Screws? Tape? 3D printed mounts?

This could also extend to your preferred electrical connectors/buses.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish ?

942 posts on stuff like this:

This is slightly more specific. I'm wondering what physical/electrical connectors are preferred by people and why, in order for someone new to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Personally, I want to figure out if I should splice wires or use something like WAGO Lever Nuts, as well as what connectors I should use for a durable and strong connection which can't easily be pulled out. Other people might want to know different things.

Go thru the link offered in post #2; there some posts that cover things like that, other posts might be interesting to you also.

I'll take a look after 6th period.

For attaching modules and sensors, I use hot glue and double-stick tape.
As for wires, I don't have soldering equipment and just crimp the heck out of wires until they're practically one.

I would recommend you get a bunch of quick-disconnect connectors (I use bullet and spade style connectors). They're cheap and good for quick-swapping parts.

Are those the ones you crimp onto the ends of two wires?

Yes. There are several styles.

Spade connectors:

Bullet connectors:

Ring connectors:

Fork connectors:
Baomain Insulated Fork Spade Wire Connector Electrical Crimp Terminal  14-16AWG(1.5-2.5 mmq) USA #8 Pack of 100: Industrial &  Scientific

Anderson connectors:

Deans T connectors:
Dean's T Plug Pair (Female - Male) Battery Connectors |

XT60 connectors: 10 Pair XT60 Connectors, XT-60 Male Female Bullet Connectors  with Heat Shrink : Toys & Games

You can secure multiple wires into one connector as well. Just twist them together and put them in a larger connector.

You can also get crimping connectors with two spots for wires, put a wire in either end and crimp them together. I use these for splicing wires.

I actually own spade, ring, and fork connectors. Maybe I'll modify them for splicing.

There are dedicated ones for that. They come along with other connector types. They look like the other connectors except two crimping parts instead of a crimping part and the terminal.

I have some of these but I don't have a crimping tool and for some reason they are really hard to squish down even with a massive pair of grippers.

Do you have wire strippers?

Yeah, but even they aren't able.

If you do, look for a small curved part with a red, blue, or yellow dot next to it. Those are your crimpers.
If you don't, you can get a crimping tool fairly cheaply.

These are the ones I use. They're good for many different sizes of wire. They also have a cutter, pliers, and crimping tools.
The crimpers are the curved parts with the colored dots.

And don't use pliers for this. It'll damage the crimping connector.