How to wire led string to transformer?

My citchen is renovated from the bottom ant all electricity is done by electrician. I told him to left me an 12v led driver under the cabinet because i wanted to wire up the 12v led myself from that transformer.

But what type of led can i buy for use with this transformer and how do i connect it? And what means "max 11.5v 2m"?

I have wireless switches with dimming function and i have an dedicated switc to this transformer.

Here is my transformer and my switches.

Are you sure that transformer is 12VDC output, which is what you need for LEDs? I suspect it's designed for incandescent lighting, which probably means it's no good for LEDs. Check the specification and make sure it's OK for LEDs.

I do not trust electricians at all, so no, i am not sure he given me the right transformer. Therefore i ask you guys.

I just don't understand the datasheet. But here it is:

I do not trust electricians at all, so no, i am not sure he given me the right transformer. Therefore i ask you guys.

You didn't tell him what LEDs you want to use... He probably doesn't "trust" you either! :wink:

That transformer is for 12V Halogen lights. It should work with 12V "LED bulbs" from the home improvement store. These LED bulbs are generally designed to replace incandescent-halogen bulbs the same way 120V/240V LED blubs are screw-in replacements for regular light bulbs. These LED light blubs have a built-in power supply. Some LED bulbs are dimmable and some are not. Most of them work on AC and some may work on DC.

That power supply is designed to be used with a regular in-wall dimmer on the high-voltage side.

It doesn't say if it puts-out AC or DC (and halogen bulbs work with either) but since it says 43kHz it's probably PWM DC. (Technically a "transformer" is AC and it's the main component in an AC or DC power supply. You can run a 12V halogen from a plain AC transformer)

If the power supply is DC it should work with a regular 12V LED strip from an electronic hobby supplier. If the power supply is AC you can use a full-wave rectifier between the transformer and regular DC LED strip.

I told him clearly that i wantet a 12v led driver. But i think i make my own led driver with wemos d1 mini instead with 12V RGB and wled. I can't use the wall switch, but that dont bother me.

I already have 12v 250w ac dc power supply. I just need the led strip. I think SK6812 is a good choice.

Thanks for help btw. :slight_smile:

Actually, the tilde after the 11.5v means it is AC.


Paul: i'm actually not surprised at all :slight_smile:

I do it my self :slight_smile:

I told him clearly that i wanted a 12v led driver.

Which is what you got! Just not the kind of LEDs you were hoping for.

So i can buy a 12v led strip and use that, or not?

Probably not with that transformer.

The problem you are going to have is that you need a 12V power supply with a clean DC output for LED strips, and you have dimmer switch as your supply. A power supply for 12VDC is not going to play well with a dimmer switch.

So my electrician did NOT give me an transformer that i can plug in 12v led strip from shelf?

So my electrician did NOT give me an transformer that i can plug in 12v led strip from shelf?

I believe he gave you what DVDdoug mentioned in reply #3, something that will work with the LED replacement for halogen lights.

The thing that will power 12V LED strips won't work with a dimmer, UNLESS there is something else I am not aware of, which is always possible.

Post a link to something you are thinking of using then one of us can comment.

I'm thinking to use a 12v power supply (300w) and plug in ac 220v to that. Then 12v out to the led with an buck converter that takes it down to 5v for powering wemos D1 Mini. Then i just flash the Wemos with Wled and i'm good to go.

But i know i cant use the wall switch, other than turn the power supply on off etc. i must use the app for dimming, choose colors and make animations etc. i can live with that.

I just not going to call the electrician that installed this. I just rip the transformator off and use my own solution mentioned over.

Seems okay to me.

Yeah. That part i'm understand :slight_smile:

It's a bit hard to believe someone with a shop setup like that doesn't have a DMM and know how to use it to
check the transformer output before the electrician left the job site. That's puzzling.

I do not care about the transformer. I’m going to dissconnect it and recycle it :slight_smile: