IR sensor for short distance (Arduino)

Hello all,

Maybe someone can recommend me a good IR sensor for short distance (or perhaps any other).
What I need, is to get distance measurements from 0mm to around 10-15mm (0 inches to around 0.4-0.6 inches). My current goal is to use with any Arduino microcontroller (Have not limited that parameter, but rather the smaller ones- micro, nano, etc.). The surface it "bounces" towards is flat.

The main goal is the compact design of the reader. That is the reason I cannot use ultrasonic sensor (Nor a physical one). The walls it bounces from are metal and quite close (Metal enclosure, dark). But I'm open to all recommendation (Even, if it's not IR and serves the same purpose).

This IR time of flight sensor goes down to a minimum of 5 mm. You may get a bit shorter but not much less than this, there's a minimum distance based on the pulse width of the IR pulse sent out. Ultrasound sensors have a larger minimum distance than your maximum distance so for that reason they're out already.

Pololu has a nice collection of IR distance sensors.

Thank You both!
I'll check them both. And I guess if needed, I'll change the scope of the project that requires this.

Maybe you can combine it with a magnetic sensor, some hall effect sensors can be used for short distances (and they can go to zero distance). It of course does require you to place a magnet on the opposite side of the gap.