Printed Circuit Boards ... custom?

Anyone know where I can get custom sized printed circuit boards that are exactly like this… Loading...

but with the ability to be any dimension that I want? I need a ton of 8 " x 8 " boards that are like these please.

Take a look at, they have a bunch of boards in lots of sizes. 8x8 = ~200mm x 200mm ?? That's pretty good size.

Maybe try a couple of these side by side? Board Dimensions: 180 x 128mm for 180 x 256 or so.

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Sorta like this? I wrote an EAGLE “ULP” to lay out “protoboard” patterns of somewhat arbitrary size and options; it makes this sort of thing pretty quick. Since it doesn’t actually use “components”, you can get away with boards larger than the free version would normally allow.

You’re likely to find that large PCB are unacceptably expensive, even if they are “simple.”

Unfortunately many fab houses will throw something at you if they send them a file like that (like a very large quote) due to the number of drill holes.

The main thing determining the basic price of a PCB is the area and the number of holes. Then things like number of sides and plated through holes are multipliers on that. The number of different sizes of holes also matters. This is a typical request form and shows the things they need to know.

Note that the complexity of the copper tracks is not an issue at all. I have a little motto when laying out PCBs:- Holes cost, copper cost nowt. is a service that will give you quick on-line quotes; they're somewhat poorly rated as PCB manufacturers go (but cheap, and not awful.) They say between $23 and $30 for a single-sided board (100 and 10 quantity, respectively), plus about $15 setup for each "layer" (copper, soldermask, silkscreen.) The radioshack board you photo'ed didn't have soldermask or silkscreen...

Thanks folks!