Programming interface for ATMega 328p and ATMega 1284

Hello everyone.

I pass a long time to use arduino module but I recently pass from module to TQFN package.
It was a very great advance in my PCB conception process :

  • first time with tqfp.
  • first time with quartz oscillator
  • first time with pico capacitor

There is just a little problem with it : no bootloader ! arfff.

So, all my PCB has to include ISCP and all controller have to be burn before soldering component above all if I have to use Rx/Tx or MOSI/MISO/SCK.

So I got an idea : what about socket ?

TQFP socket are SO BIG ! So I decide to developed an pcb interface with TQFP socket with quartz support, ISCP and USB available. Also, I use trigger to make a visual interface for each IO.

Today, I only have received PCB. But I have seen that received socket dont corresponding to official datasheet. I’m waiting for another lot. Hope they will correspond to.

Here you’ll find my conception an I hope it will work !

If all work properly, I could make pcb without the need of programming port and the possibility to use tx/rx and mosi/miso/sck for what I want (SPI or general IO, for example)