seeking good study leads for Internet of Things

Hello, I am new to Arduino and have been learning to code and build needed circuitry to build a project I have in mind. To preface, I have an EtherMega from Freetronics, a single DHT22 temp/humidity sensor, a DS3231 Chronodot RTC and an 8 channel Sainsmart relay module. My project box is a 12" x 12" x 6" utility box I got from Home Depot and on the cover I have mounted 8 duplex outlets in 2 four gang boxes. On the underside are mounted 3 terminal bus bars to accept incoming AC mains power and distribute Neutral and Ground to each receptacle, and the hot leg routes to each of the 8 channels of the relay module before also terminating at the receptacles. Also from the face plate is a single male plug to receive project power via a heavy duty extension cord. Aside from the relay mounted with the AC mains, the DC side of the circuits are mounted to a piece of plexiglass that is covered with aluminum tape to hopefully quiet the lot of EMI noise produced from the AC switching.

My project in a nutshell will be an indoor garden/hydroponics controller that will share data to a web page and receive commands also from the same page. There will be code to handle the general program as I plot it out, but the website is to have “over ride abilities” making it the master and Arduino the slave, even though in most cases, the Arduino will operate according to the sketch.

I also recently purchased a domain name from a web hosting company (HostGator) and my site is a PHP. I began building the pages I wanted to build and found that experience to be relatively painless as a lot of it is point and click like microsoft word. However, it was my desire to build this project to begin with that lead me to purchase the website.

Aside from the title of this thread, I would also like to know if it is possible to get my website that is hosted somewhere else on the internet to work with my EtherMega through the internet, or does the PHP pages need to domicile and launch from the micro-SD card?

If it turns out that I can meld my project to my site, I am mostly seeking learning materials that will get me on track to learning mostly what applies to that end goal. I am relatively new to Arduino and circuitry, but I am very new to websites and servers in terms of building them so I want to expose myself to mostly what directly applies with hopes of getting my project up and running. With all of the other possible directions that can be taken to achieve similar goals, I am hoping someone can streamline the learning materials and point me towards that which is most relevant.


Edit - attached is my sketch devoid of the networking aspect. I am also still debugging the timed triggers as I can’t figure out the best way to query the clock to achieve a digitalWrite high and low.

Phase_1_-_0.3.ino (11 KB)


Check out my Freetronics EtherMega application and website at . The system is hosted by the EtherMega - it is the web server for the website - there is no other website, host or ISP involved.

I uploaded the latest source code for my application today. Have a look in the PUBLIC folder of the web site's SD card web page. Because you want to use the EtherMega there may be large tranches of code in my application that you can re-use quite easily.

Read the overview.pdf document to work our what areas of functionality in my Arduino home automation application are relevant to you.

Perhaps you could get one of my web pages running in your EtherMega just to get some familiarisation with html coding and to resolve connectivity issues on your LAN and from the WWW. Then you can extend the system across your whole area of need.


Catweazle NZ

Sounds like you are trying to transmit data between your website and arduino (rather than just run a webserver on your arduino, which is what CatweazleNZ is doing)

I've not tried this tutorial but it should give you an idea of how you might send and receive data between your website and your arduino

You could also take a look at this library as it looks pretty useful and might get you up and running quickly

I build up a connection over the internet for my current project: I send data from my webserver (javaEE), over the internet, to my locally raspberry pi. They communicate via Sockets (UDP or HTTP). The webserver is the client and the raspberry acts as an server. The rasperry has an static ip-adress. And the raspberry processes the webserver-requests and delegates it to my controller via serial (usb).

Can I suggest you look at and similar sites for the web side? Thinkspeak is open-source so you could run it on your own domain if you really want but using their hosted service is free and they are pretty generous with their data limits.