[Solved] Website doesn't work - can't access Arduino Create


When I get to create.arduino.cc, it shows me the terms & condition acceptance page, and when I accept, it keeps redirecting to the previous page. Can't access to Create, can't access my code, please help, it's urgent!

Win7 and Chrome browser (up-to-date, both of them)
Dual Xeon 5560, graphic card is a GTX1060

Any hint?

Maybe a similar report here:

BTW, there is a dedicated forum section for the Arduino Web Editor (AKA Arduino Create):

I have requested this thread be moved there, where it will be more likely to be seen by people knowledgeable on this topic.

There is currently a small outage which should be fixed pretty soon.

Thanks, and sorry for writing it in the wrong section.

If you clear your browser cache it should be back up !