Switch Videos on a TV


I'm looking for the easiest way to switch between two videos on a TV screen that is hooked up to the laptop. The basic idea is this: I run a video A all the time. In a theater scenerey there is a distance sensor with a very small range (10cm) which should give the Arduino a signal to switch to switch to video B for 5 minutes and then back to A.

The hardware part is not really the problem, I'm just not very experienced in doing video things with Arduino so any hint in the right direction will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your reply. I thought the easiest approach would maybe be to have arduino open a program/script/even SuperCollider to open a video file on the computer and simply show it on the TV screen then as the second monitor. But as I don't know if that is possible (let Arduino open a video file) I thought I was asking here first. Since one video file is only black color and the other one should be this old-fashioned 'snowy noise' screen that would be the easiest way I can imagine getting this task done. So I'm very open for any suggestions.

KE7GKP: As far as interfacing with your sensor, it seems possible that you could interface that directly to your computer and you wouldn't need an Arduino at all.

OTOH, you could do it entirely with Arduino and no computer if you want to make a video noise-generator. Then it would be simply a matter of turning it on or off.

How can you imagine that? I think I found my way now with SuperCollider where I both could open up a video file or create the picture by myself. Nevertheless I'm interested in these two ideas of yours as I can't imagine really what you're talking about. In my case the TV screen, the sensor and the laptop will be on a stage that is in the middle of a room where people can go all around the scenery so I don't really have the opportunity of sitting somewhere hidden and pressing buttons (although that would maybe also be worth a 'worst case scenario': taking the remote control and simply turn up the brightness :)).

Thanks for your efforts, KE7GKP.