Trailing edge dimmer

Hi everyone,
I have some 230V dimmable LED lights (80 W in total). I would like to control them with Arduino. Reading online I saw that usually this type of bulbs work better with trailing edge type dimmers (compared to leading edge type dimmer). I took a look online to see if there is a dimmer module that I could simply control with my Arduino for example giving a 0-5V input (something like this for example), but I couldn’t find any. I was wondering if someone knows about such a module.

Thank you

Presumably, the reason for using trailing edge dimmers is that the lamp uses a capacitor for current limiting.

A leading edge dimmer will therefore generate a large current impulse as the capacitor is charged each cycle, particularly around the peaks (half intensity). A trailing edge dimmer will suffer less from this effect - but only slightly since it will leave the capacitor charged in a direction opposite to the next half of the AC cycle.

Any other ideas anyone?

Thank you Paul__B for the reply.
I found this article that explains the reason why trailing edge dimmers are favorite to leading edge.
I don't know why it is so easy to find online leading edge boards to connect to Arduino, while I can't find a trailing edge one.
I am also considering to build myself one in the worst case, but because my knowledge in electronics is limited, I would need a complete schematic.
Anyone with ideas/hints/links?

I don't know why it is so easy to find online leading edge boards to connect to Arduino, while I can't find a trailing edge one.

Because they are considerably more complex and thus, expensive. On that account, there is virtually no call for them, thence a very small market, thus the cost of manufacturing does not fall.

The only possible market for them may be - as your good article suggests - for LED luminaires.

I agree that they are more expensive and complex compared to TRIAC leading edge dimmers, but you can still find faceplate modules for a decent price, as for example this Varilight V-Pro Dimmer Module. Nothing similar to the link of my first post though.

I appreciated this is an old thread (sorry!) but I was wondering if the original poster (zorzigiorgio) got anywhere with either buying or building a trailing edge dimmer that's controllable from an arduino?

I understand it's maybe not a mainstream product, but it would be very useful to me. It does seem surprising, giving it's quite a simple circuit, that it's not very easy to find. It's not that much more complicated that a leading edge dimmer.