VNH2SP30 Pinouts

Good day guys, I am currently planning to use VNH2SP30 for my upcoming project and I just want to save money before regretting that I bought it. HAHA

I need to minimize the usage of my arduino I/O pins so I just want to ask if is it possible to disregard the connection for the CS pin of VNH2SP30 (like leaving it just unconnected to anything outside of its board)

AND instead for the EN pin be connected to I/O pins, can it just be connected directly to arduino's 5v line like what I did the same to l293d mtor driver.


The CS pin outputs current. You must have a resistor between CS and ground, otherwise the voltage can get very high and the chip may not function properly. The datasheet has some guidance on this. But the chip doesn't care if this is connected to any Arduino input. You can leave it unconnected if you like.

EN can be directly connected to 5V.

There are better chips available if you don't need the CS feature. That's relatively rare and expensive.

I think you need to look at the data sheet and consult the suggested connections.

Tom… :slight_smile: