What type of ribbon connector is this?

While browsing the DIgikey site, I saw this picture (Ribbon). I didn’t know ribbon cable with space between the wires was made… I don’t know what the crimp connector is called and can’t find them. I found similar wire at Digikey (grey, not multicolored) but I can’t find such connectors. I did find similar connectors and they may be even better, but I think I would need matching pins because it seems the pictured connector (Connector) would have to match in regard to the “alignment fins” (for lack of knowing what they are called, I marked one in the picture). Am I correct in assuming there should be matching male connectors?

Is anyone familiar with such connectors and give me a tip on what they are called so I can find them, hopefully on Digikey?



The connector would use “insulation displacement pins”. Ones in the upper part of the connector to cut through the wire insulation to make contact with the copper wire and then make contact with the metal in the lower part and on to connect with the circuit board traces.
Please contact Digikey with your question. They have great people willing to help with with any of your questions. Email or phone call for customer service people.
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I did take my anti-silly medicine this morning but it obviously didn't help. (I do know how to crimp ribbon cable though.) I did write to Digikey as you suggested and in doing so I had a "duh" moment (I guess the medicine kicked in). Digikey lists the "Series" for the connector and using that as a search topic, it took me about three minutes to answer my dumb question... If all those trees weren't in my way I'd be able to see the forest...

I am pleased to see you have found the answers!
Good luck with the project.