Wiring nano with stepper motor

Hello guys. I'm making a small Arduino Nano project, that will include the simple 5V 28byj-48 stepper motor and ULN 2003 driver and a 16x2 LCD.
I have a 5V 1.5A AC\DC adapter, just wanted to know if I could just wire the motor and arduino in parallel (through a female connector), and grounding them together, like in this drawing I added below.
Just before posting this I realized I have another problem - I'm currently powering my lcd screen through the 5V pin. damn it. So now how do I power the lcd...
I tried powering it through a digital pin being but it only flashes light when uploading the code then it's completely off.
any solutions to any of the problems?


Wiring diagram added as a comment below>>>

Do not feed 5V to Vin. Vin goes to the onboard 5V regulator. The regulator must have a minimum input voltage of 7V for it to be able to properly regulate. Connect 5V to the 5V pin.

Otherwise, OK.

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Op's image

I'm sorry this is wrong pic!!! I added the correct one. Problem still remains...:frowning:
I actually thought it's better fomatted when posting photos like that.
Sorry & thanks

Post pic here. We don’t want to follow random links.

I repeat.

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And Providing only 5v to a nano on Vin could lead to disappointments

From the specs:


The Arduino Nano can be powered via the Mini-B USB connection, 6-20V unregulated external power supply (pin 30), or 5V regulated external power supply (pin 27). The power source is automatically selected to the highest voltage source.

(Arduino Nano β€” Arduino Official Store)

This is the correct diagram.
Is that ok?

Yeah I meant to provide the it to the 5V pin. My bad
I added the correct diagram

LCD needs a ground but otherwise, OK.

The how to make a schematic that you can post tutorial may be of interest. We do prefer schematics over diagrams, usually.

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Of course. Updated. Thanks.

I'll look into that.

Final diagram approved by @groundFungus

Further question - Will it be possible to add a micro servo to the project? If so, how should it be done?
Thank you

In my email notification of this comment, I can see that you have solved my problem (another 5V pin)
Why did you edit and delete that part?

Power the servo from the 5V 1.5A supply. Connect the 5V from the supply (not from the Nano) to the + input of the servo, the servo ground to the ground of the 5V supply and to the Nano ground and the signal wire of the servo to any Nano digital pin. Note that the analog inputs (except A6 and A7), are in reality, digital pins with analog input as a special function so can control a servo, too.

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But how are the Nano and the stepper motor powered in this method?

Also, I have another question please - I have 3 legged 2.1x5.5 insert, are the legs different one from another or I could just use any 2 as + and any one as GND ?

Is something wrong with these pin holes you mentioned? It works and I'm very happy about it!

What are you talking about? What method?

I do not know what that means. Post a photo. Post it here. I will no longer go to an external site to view images.

It is fine to use the 5V from the ICSP header for the LCD. I deleted it because I thought it may be confusing.

No it's amazing it solved my problem. Are these pins different somehow?

These are female connectors for the AC/DC adapter

Are what pins different? So you mean the ICSP 5V and ground compared to the regular 5V and ground power pins. Electrically, no. They are wired in parallel though the PCB traces may be smaller to the ICSP pins so won't carry much current. OK to supply a LCD, though.

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