Sunlight readable TFT 320x240

Anyone found a 320x240 colour lcd that you see in sunlight?

At this moment 100% nop, but very close: NHD-3.5-320240FT-CSXN-CTP

MCU: teensy 3.6

Hi Do you might have another picture with like a picture or color.. not just text ?
Thanks in advance

JPG under sunlight:

Perhaps you are searching 1.6 inch sunlight readable display? How about square shape 320*320 resolution?

I guess you can view:

Here it's a 3.5inch. Real size and much more usable.

Thanks a lot TFTLCDCyg. And it work straight with gameduino without any mod ?

This is our gameduino 23 library modified for teensy 3.X and STM32 and TFT´s NHD like the 3.5" of this topic.

This line (inside of the GD23ZU.h) must be changed to 35 in order to get the timmings of the 3.5" NHD TFT.

#define SizeFT813       7  //7-7",  5-5", 43-4.3", 35-3.5"

And the “cherry on the cake”: you can get full acces to the SDIO reader of the Teensy-3.6 or the Teensy-3.5

You can play videos avi or load jpg or png image files.